Let Us Adore Him

 “Where is He who has been born King of the Jews?
For we saw His star in the east and have come to worship Him.” (Matthew 2:2)

  If I were to ask you what is something you do on Christmas Day?  You might have one of several answers.  Most would say exchange gifts.  Other would say that they eat a bunch including cookies and other sweets.  Still more would say that they really cut loose, have a “good time”, and just celebrate all day. Ironically, the very activity that seemed to set the tone of the first Christmas Day falls all the way to fourth on most surveys about Christmas Day.  What activity is that?  WORSHIP!!!!  And Evangelicals are probably the worst culprits when it comes to making Christmas Day about everything but worshiping the Christ who has arrived! You may ask, “I know about the angels and all that, but did worship really play that big of a role in the first Christmas?”  The simple answer is YES!!!  Just read through Matthew 1-2 and Luke 1-2 will show you!

  • Both Elizabeth & their friends rejoiced at the birth of John (Luke 1:25, 58)
  • Mary broke out in worship with she saw Elizabeth (Luke 1:46-55)
  • Zacharias worshiped and prophesied when John was born (Luke 1:67-79)
  • The Angels worshiped and praised God with the Shepherds (Luke 2:13-14)
  • The Shepherds rejoiced after they found the child and everything was true. (Luke 2:20)
  • Simeon & Anna both praised God when they met the Christ child in the temple (Luke 2:28, 38)
  • The Magi rejoiced and worshiped the child when they arrived. (Matthew 2:10-11)

Almost every person present at the birth of Christ was found rejoicing, praising God, and worshiping the Most High for sending the Savior!!!  So how can we make worship a more prominent part of our Christmas traditions?  Here are a few ideas:

  1. Read the Christmas Story as part of your Christmas morning celebrations.

Now, I do not want you to hold your family hostage as you read the story.  Don’t make it so that they have to listen to the story before they can open present or eat a meal.  Instead, find a time in the lull of the day to gather everyone together and listen to the story.  Also take time and practice it.  If you are not very good at reading out loud, practice!  Trust me; if it is not enjoyable for you then it won’t be enjoyable for them.

  1. Make Christmas Hymns & Worship Songs part of the Day

There is no better way to worship and saturate your family with the story and importance of Christmas than through music.  When we hear and sing Christmas songs about the birth of Christ, our minds are engaged with the truth that God’s love came to us in order to save us and make us His own.  It is perfectly fine to play songs like “Jingle Bells” and “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”, but set aside time for weightier songs like “Silent Night”, “O Holy Night”, and “Hark, the Herald Angels Sing.”  Play them while the family is gathered, take time to sing as a family, even sing them as you prepare Christmas dinner.  Go crazy!  This one can be tons of fun!

  1. Pray, Pray, Pray!!!!

Prayer is so important to the life of the Christians and it should be an important part of our Christmas celebrations!!!  Yes, we should pray before our meals, but what else can you do?  Could you pray before or after you exchange gifts?  Could you set aside some quiet time for the family in the midst of all the celebration?  Could you add prayer to the reading of the Christmas story and give thanks to God for sending His Son?  You do not have to do one long prayer to cover the whole day, nor do you have to preach a sermon through your prayer.  Instead, think of several times throughout the day where a different family member can pray for a specific reason.  Pray for the food, the gifts, those who need to hear the Gospel, missionaries on the field, the less fortunate, and those in care facilities.  Again, be creative, but be intentional!

  1. Watch a Movie with the Birth of Christ

One last thing to do is watch a movie as a family that shows the birth of Christ.  Sometimes the most powerful way to communicate the message of Christmas is to see it!  You can just watch the beginning of “Jesus of Nazareth” or pick up “The Nativity Story.”  If you have little children, you may find a cartoon for it.  You may check what options come from VeggieTales or check our Superbook on Amazon Video.

From my family to yours, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful season of worship as we celebrate the birth of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ!!!! God Bless!!!