What about my wife?

There was a service organization in a small town that wanted to honor their greatest member.
They set out to host one of the nicest banquets they could put together.  They chose the most beautiful place settings.  They spent days choosing the perfect menu.  Every decoration was hung meticulously and with great care.  The whole day was planned and ready to go!
The night had arrived and the people began to fill the room.  Soon the food was served and the presentation was about to begin.  Suddenly, one of the planners of the event noticed something:  the guest of honor was not there!!!
The planner slipped from the room and called the man’s cell phone.
“Hey, the banquet has already started.  Where are you?  Are you on your way?”
“What Banquet?”
“The banquet that we are hosting in your honor!!!  The food has already been served and the speakers are ready to start!!!  Hurry down to the Hall so we can get started!!!!”
“No one ever told me about a banquet.”
“You all have planned this whole affair, and you did not think to even include me?  You did not talk to the organizations that I am passionate about.  You did not allow me to be part of the process in any way.”
“What about my bride?  Did you even talk to my wife once?  Did you invite her to the event?  Did you allow her to be a part of all your preparation or your planning?”
“We will not be attending your banquet tonight.  You set out to honor somebody, but it certainly wasn’t me.”
This Sunday is Easter Sunday.  We all have our traditions.  Some of us visit family, others make this special day all about our kids.  We will put in countless hours preparing meals, decorating eggs or our homes, and putting together Easter baskets.  I would challenge you today to not forget the guest of honor.
We celebrate Easter because of Jesus.  It is his resurrection that we are celebrating and therefore He should remain the center of all that we do on this day.  When we do this, let us not forget his bride as well.  She is the church.
I hope that you will make the church part of whatever you do this Sunday.  Let your kids learn the true meaning of Easter and be reminded yourself of the great love and freedom that Christ gave you through the cross and resurrection.  If we do not, we may find the very person we gather to celebrate will be absent from all that we do.
God bless and have a happy Easter!!!  HE IS RISEN!!!!